The most effective marketing techniques for law firms involve connecting with potential clients, and undertaking business activities which actually add value to your company, rather than wasting a lot of time and effort on things that don’t. These five strategies can provide a tremendous return on investment of resources and effort.

  1. Be authentic – The idea behind showing your authentic self to clients is to help them identify with you better, and to make them want to relate better to you. You can do this by de-emphasizing your business self and highlighting your personal side – show clients you are human, just like they are. Your marketing and advertising strategy should emphasize those things you enjoy doing, the strengths you have as a person, and just who you really are. If writing is one of your strengths, you should consider blogging or writing an electronic newsletter, so you can connect better with potential clients. Let people know that you are active in the community, and that you support the local area in visible, demonstrable ways.
  2. Use great website content – Probably more than with any other profession, it is extremely important to provide high quality content on your website to attract potential clients. This includes both text and video content, with the video supporting whatever written content you make available. Written content should be your primary initial focus for a legal website, with understandable descriptions of your practice, and perhaps some white papers as well. Then you should also develop graphical material that complements and enhances the reader’s understanding of your written text.
  3. Measure your success – If you aren’t using some kind of metrics to determine the success or failure of any marketing/advertising initiative, then you’ll have no idea about what works and what doesn’t. That means you’ll be doomed to spending money on guesswork – those areas that you think are providing the best return on investment. In a highly competitive environment such as the legal profession, your market spend needs to be as effective as possible, and that calls for knowing exactly where to focus your efforts.
  4. Focus on existing clients – If you’ve ever tried to measure what it costs you to generate new business leads, you’ll probably be more than a little shocked at the actual figures. That makes it important for you to make the most of the clients that you do have, and gain any kind of new business which might be possible from them before investing in expensive lead generation. All those clients whom you have previously satisfied in the past, may be able to recommend you to friends and relatives who are also in need of your services – and those leads won’t cost you a dime.
  5. Cultivate referralsReferrals can be one of the best ways of generating new business, but they call for aggressive action on your part, because they certainly won’t just fall into your lap in any meaningful numbers. You can start with existing clients, but you should also put the word out among professional colleagues whom you may know, or perhaps classmates from your academic days. Another great way of generating referrals is through writing a regular blog, because numerous studies have shown that Internet readers enjoy reading blogs more than almost all other forms of written content.

Utilizing the strategies above can help you break through the noise and grow your clientele while fostering long-term relationships. Contact Us today to learn more!


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