Before you can be convinced of the need for a progressive web app (PWA) rather than a native app, you should understand the basic difference between the two. A native app is built with the intention that it will only be functional within its native environment, e.g. Windows, iOS, or Android. A progressive web app on the other hand, takes full advantage of the capabilities of HTML5 and other development tools to produce an app which is more robust, more functional, and is hosted on the browser of a device. Some of the features which exemplify that greater functionality and robust-ness are discussed below. Even more advantages can be described by your San Diego web design agency specialists at DigitalBiz.

Single App, Multiple Platforms

In technical jargon, this concept is referred to as ‘cross-platform hybridization’, and it means that the single app developed will be just as functional on whatever platform it’s being hosted on. A native app by contrast, would need to have three distinct apps developed in order to be hosted on Windows, iOS, and Android. Just think of the budget you’d be saving by developing a single app, rather than three which all do the same thing.

Greater Accessibility, Fewer Lost Customers

Any progressive web app which is online is already accessible to mobile users, so it doesn’t need to be downloaded. This is a key point, because it is fairly well known that each step in the downloading process loses another 20% of users who began the download. If you think about it, there’s a lot of room there to lose a user’s interest: go to the Store, browse the apps, download, do the install, and open the app. Since users have notoriously short attention spans, it’s a wonder that apps ever make it to the device.

Improved User Experience

There is universal agreement that the user experience on a progressive web app is superior to that of a native app, and in some cases the difference can be pretty significant. A spectacular example comes from AliExpress, which suddenly exploded up to an 82% conversion rate after switching to a progressive app. Statistics generally bear this for PWA’s – they have a 76% increase in conversions, a 30% increase in speed,  an 88% improvement in performance, five times less data usage, and a 23% increase in the number of mobile searches.

Many prominent companies such as Forbes, Virgin America, Twitter, and the Washington Post have all reaped a number of these benefits by integrating PWA’s into their systems. Because more consumers find it easier to use the PWA’s, and enjoy their experience on the progressive apps, PWA’s are a clear winner over native apps, in terms of overall user experience.

Why Progressive Web Apps? Why DigitalBiz?

To summarize, it will cost your business less to build a progressive web app, you won’t lose potential customers via downloading, and your users will have an improved experience on your new progressive web app. All this will encourage users to keep coming back to your app, and to continue patronizing your business. By adapting to the wave of the future now, you’ll be ahead of the game, rather than in catch-up mode.

The best web design agency in the San Diego area is DigitalBiz, and when you work with DigitalBiz specialists, you’ll be sure that the most important aspects of your business will be conveyed via your progressive web app. You’ll also have the confidence that comes from knowing you have selected the top website design agency in the region, and that your finished web app will be one which customers enjoy using again and again.

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